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Buoyed forces in final thrust

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Buoyed forces in final thrust
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As pre- North Eastern monsoonal rains lashed the battlefront in Wanni the Security Forces brought the battle into one of its turning points in its decisive final phase advancing into vital Tiger locations in the Kilinochchi District putting the Tiger outfit on the back foot in the Wanni liberation operation.

It was a week that gave a hard time for the LTTE as they wearily moved their cadres from one front to the other in their desperate bid to keep all their defences intact but failed in their effort as troops took full control of the battle with their tactical moves.

The Task Force -I or the 58 Division troops made remarkable progress in Kilinochchi West front to take control of the North Western coast under their control after cutting off the Mannar Pooneryn A-32 road from the North of Nachchikuda putting the LTTE cadres operating in one of the few Sea Tiger bases remaining in the North Western coast into an embarrassingly tight corner.

On Friday troops attached to 583 Brigade under the command of Lt.Colonel Suraj Banshajaya hit the A-32 road from the North of Nachchikuda depriving the LTTE of a vital section of the A-32 road which could feed the Tiger cadres operating in Nachchikuda from their links with the interior parts of Kilinochchi.

This move by the troops brought the battle in the Western part of Kilinochchi front into one of its decisive phases soon after the capture of the huge earth bund constructed from Nachchikuda to Akkarayankulam to stall the advance of the troops further Northwards towards Pooneryn.

Therefore, the LTTE has once again been compelled to seriously think of this battle front too apart from their main concentration of defending their de-facto capital Kilinochchi town.

On one hand, they have to abandon Nachchikuda Sea Tiger base which they were defending after deploying all their resources and having constructed huge earth bund to delay the advance of the troops without any battle.

On the other hand, they are losing a vital section of land area in the North Western coast

Apart from this, troops are also now in position to control the Tiger activities in Valaipadu Sea Tiger base from which the LTTE used to unload arms and ammunition to strengthen their diminishing stocks.

The Tiger efforts taken to defend these vital Tiger installations by constructing huge earth bunds, has become futile as troops have overcome all these obstacles to achieve their task.

Troops of the 58 Division made this tactical move after breaking the earth bund from Karambakulam area and further advanced northward after opening a 5.5 km front from Pandiveddikulam to Vannerikulam. By this Friday troops advanced 5 kilo metres northwards from the earth bund in Karambakulam and taken full control of the Manniyakulam area which had catered to link vital Tiger fronts together.

After capturing the A-32 road from North of Nachchikuda, troops also moved towards Jayapuram village which has been strongly defended by the LTTE deploying elite Imran Pandyan cadres, the cream of the fighting cadres of the LTTE.

Fierce fighting erupted in the outskirts of Jayapuram village this week as LTTE posed stiff resistance to the advancing troops.

As troops of the 58 Division are heading towards Pooneryn, the troops of the 57 Division are also making slow but steady advance toward the vital Kilinochchi town from the South Western direction.

They are now operating just 1.6 Km South West of Kilinochchi town. The distance has been calculated from the forward defences of the Security Forces in the South West of Kilinochchi to the outskirts of the Kilinochchi town.

The 572 Brigade is poised to capture the earth bund which has been constructed by the LTTE to create another buffer zone to the Kilinochchi town, so as to advance into the Kilinochchi town from the South Western direction whilst troops attached to the 571 Brigade are confronting the LTTE in the North and West of Akkaraynakulam.

Like Jayapuram village in the Western part of the Kilinochchi District, LTTE is also strongly defending the Akkarayan village located South West of Kilinochchi town.

The LTTE is keeping this village as a buffer zone to Kilinochchi and defending it very strongly as they are aware that the capture of this village by the troops will definitely pave the way for the fall of Kilinochchi and also enable the troops to advance further towards Pooneryn - Paranthan road.

The LTTE is now facing difficulties such as, acute shortage of man power to deploy for bunker duties. They are facing this problem in the Muhamalai and Kilali defence line as they have shifted their cadres to the Kilinochchi front to stop the advancement of troops into Kilinochchi.

The troops operating in the Kilali front observed this situation and found that Tigers were not manning all the bunkers on the defence line on regular basis due to the shortage of cadres.

Amidst this situation, the troops attached to the Air Mobile Brigade captured a number of bunkers in Avarikadu area south of A-9 road and held these bunkers for more than two days.


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