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Mahinda’s Anti – Tiger War and the Future of Tamil People

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Mahinda’s Anti – Tiger War and the Future of Tamil People
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It is clearly seen that the war between the LTTE and Government Security Forces is moving towards a decisive phase.

After the capture of the East, Forces were able to capture Mannar which was under the control of LTTE and now they have entered Kilinochchi which is considered as the main power base of LTTE. According to some war analysts, the LTTE has so far mobilized only the second grade fighters for their forward defence lines and have not mobilized the first grade fighters. But for the Kilinochchi battle, LTTE has replaced the Forward Defence Lines with first grade fighters. According to some analysts, after this battle, the LTTE will have to withdraw in to the Vanni Jungles. But according to some analysts, the LTTE strategy is to allow penetration of the Security Forces in to their area of control and then strike back, which will enable them to cause severe damage to the Govt. Security Forces.
Public opinion among Sinhala People is pro anti-LTTE war. Although there is confusion in the opinion of the Tamil people, they do not like to see the downfall of LTTE.

Compulsory nature of the war

A minority among the Sinhala society who believe that justice should be granted to the Tamil people also do not like to see the downfall of LTTE. It is not because of a special liking for the LTTE, but due to the fear that if the Security Forces are able to defeat the LTTE, then the rights of the Tamil people will be forgotten totally thereafter. According to them, the Government should withdraw from the war and take up a stand to negotiate with the LTTE for the purpose of finding a political solution for the problems. Western countries too more or less share the same line of thinking. This minority among the Sinhala society could be considered the most just and right thinking; but it is sad to say that such thinking is utopian.

What the LTTE is seeking is a separate state or else a confederation solution where they have the freedom to possess arms. They are not prepared to come down at least by one step. Even though it was stated that they agreed to an Internal Self Determination at the peace talks held during Ranil Wickremesinghe’s government, after the collapse of the peace talks, they said that they never had such an agreement.

Government of Mahinda Rajapakse, or, for that matter, any Government that acts in a very sensitive manner towards the grievances of the Tamil people cannot agree to a separate state or a confederation solution. It means that no government will have the ability to agree to their demands, even with many rounds of peace talks, unless the LTTE changes their unwavering stand. Then, what is to be understood next is that as long as they stick strongly to their stand, they cannot win their demand through negotiations. Then it becomes compulsory for them to fight to achieve their objective while it becomes compulsory for Lankan Government to fight to defeat that objective.

Aim of the LTTE is utopian. It can not be achieved. It is not only the Sri Lanka state that will not allow them to achieve their objective; India also will not allow it. Under these circumstances, as long as there is LTTE political domination over the Tamil people whether we like it or not there could only be constant war, with or without peace talks.

The next important question is whether there is any possibility of forwarding a solution to the Tamil people as long as there is LTTE domination. The Tamil people who are under LTTE domination will not accept any such solution. Under the circumstances, where an armed LTTE acts as the sole representative of Tamil people, there is no ability for the Tamil people to accept any political solution, even if it is ideal. Also, the LTTE will never allow any solution to be implemented if it has been decided disregarding them. Hence, a Government with an alternate solution will be pushed in to a war to defeat LTTE, if that solution is to be implemented. Hence it is discerned that the war cannot be prevented and is compulsory.

Even with the peace talks, there was war in the country for the last twenty years. During this period of 20 years, there were only few brief intermittent periods without any war. Hence war cannot be considered as something new that has come into this country.


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