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Opposition ganging up to save Prabhakaran

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Opposition ganging up to save Prabhakaran
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The Opposition has decided to publicly challenge the Government’s war strategy, according to media reports.

Ranil Wickremesinghe, the Leader of the Opposition, is leading the attack on the soldiers who are knocking on the gates of the Tiger terrorists. His latest gamble is to stop the war purely for his gain - an aspect that will be explained later.

Apart from openly challenging the war strategy he has adopted the devious tactic of attacking the soldiers by posing as the champion of the media. Wickremesinghe defends the media critics attacking the Security Forces and not the Security Forces who could, at this critical juncture, do without snipers attacking them from behind.





The following is the relevant part of the statement he made at the SLFP (M) convention held last Thursday: ”It is a right of the media to question military strategy. The war was comprehensively questioned during the Chandrika period. Why is the media being branded traitors for questioning the war? The US media questions the war in Iraq.

Right of media

The British media does the same. Why is it treacherous to question the military strategies of the Defence Secretary if it is leading to heavy casualties and bomb explosions all over the country? Since the time of J.R., the media has been questioning the war by the country’s rulers.”

There are two basic arguments here: 1. the right of media to question the military strategy and (2) it is not treacherous to question the military strategies if it is leading to heavy casualties and bomb explosions all over the country?

Re; 1: Winston Churchill too faced a similar situation at the height of the World War II. In the midst of one of the debates in the House Commons he produced a sleazy newspaper with tits and bums spread on page three and an attack on him on page one. Lifting the paper over his head he brought the House down by declaring: “Lechery on page three and treachery on page one!”

Wickremesinghe has no argument to prove that this media right is going to save the nation from the brutal violence unleashed by Prabhakaran. His reading of Churchill’s biography (he is fond of reading biographies) would have convinced him that it is not media criticisms that win wars.

As demonstrated by Churchill, it is perseverance, ignoring all criticisms and losses that paved the way to final victory. The people rallied round Churchill’s cry and made selfless sacrifices to defeat the Nazi fascists.

Who remembers and who cares to remember now the newspaper critics who attacked his strategy?

Churchill and the allied war leaders had a choice: to surrender to the critics and the fascist agents like Oswald Mosley in UK which would have been a humiliating surrender to the Nazis or give courageous leadership to end the fascist evil threatening global peace and stability.


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