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LTTE Cabal Opposes “KP” as Leader of Restructured Tigers - Agreement

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LTTE Cabal Opposes “KP” as Leader of Restructured Tigers
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Finally an  agreement was arrived at. Nediyavan was willing to accept KP’s leadership. Agreement was reached to re-structure the LTTE also.

According to the agreement the overseas LTTE would be re-structured as a single organization with different departments or secretariats (seyalahangal). KP would be “Thalamai Seyalar” (Chief Secretary or Secretary – General) and be in overall charge.

There would be various secretariats in charge of specific functions like human rights, resettlement,  rehabilitation,  reconstruction,  peacebuilding,  development,  negotiations, political action, policymaking, public relations, media relations, resource management etc.

Sivaparan alias Nediyavan would be in charge of the Dept of Diaspora Affairs.

Thus Nediyavan would be responsible for the day to day administration of the various LTTE branches and institutions  of the Tamil Diaspora. While this gives him functional authority and autonomy Nediyavan and Diaspora branches have to accept KP as the ovrall LTTE leader and acknowledge him as their head.

There would also be an executive committee of the LTTE to oversee various aspects of the organization. The two co – chairs of this executive committee would be “ColSuresh and “ColP would convene the executive committee meetings when necessary.

The question of paying homage to the LTTE leader and senior commanders was put off for November. Great Heroes week from Nov 21 – 27th, Great Heroes Day on Nov 27th and Prabhakaran’s Birthday on Nov 26th would be observed on a grand scale. KP wants the Diaspora and supportive elements in Tamil Nadu to commemorate Prabhakaran and other leaders on a grand scale.

Out of respect to Prabhakaran, KP himself refused to designate himself as leader. Instead he opted for  “thalaimai Seyalar”saying that the one and only “Thalaiver” can only be Prabhakaran. This to some extent resembled CN Annadurai when he broke away from the Dravida  Kazhagham (DK) in 1949 and formed the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham (DMK).

Annadurai said that his one and only leader was DK chief EV Ramasamy Naikker known as “Periyaar”. There would be no President for the DMK until and unless Periyaar himself filled. Annadurai functioned as “Amaippu Seyalaalar” or Organizational secretary. However Annadurai’s successor Karunanidhi amended the DMK constitution  in 1969 and  became president.


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