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LTTE Cabal Opposes “KP” as Leader of Restructured Tigers - Cabal

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LTTE Cabal Opposes “KP” as Leader of Restructured Tigers
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Intra – LTTE agreement was reached on July 20th and a statement was released on July 21st. Ram and Suresh signed the release on behalf of the LTTE’s executive committee. The statement did not reveal too many details but it was implicit that KP was the new head and that   unity was established. A re-structured LTTE heading in a new direction was on the cards.

But then things do not seem hunky – dory. Even the best laid plans of men and mice go awry.

While Nediyavan has seemingly agreed to new arrangement and accepted KP’s leadership the anti – KP cabal remains defiant.

The manner in which the “Tamilnet” and “Pathivu” websites carried the press release issued by Ram and Suresh as well as the conspicuous silence of other tiger media organs suggest that the cabal is not ready to compromise.

The anti – KP cabal consists of several prominent tiger activists. The most important person is none other than Jaffna district MP from the Tamil National Alliance, Selvarajah Gajendran alias “kuthirai Gajen”.

Gajendran who got the most amount of preferences in Jaffna at  the engineered election of 2004 is now in Oslo and is the  pivotal force within the anti – KP cabal.

Among others are the Editor and Managing Editor of “Tamilnet” Namely Jeyachandran and  Sreeharan. The former is in Norway and the latter in the USA.

Apart from the “Tamilnet” the Tamil websites “Sangathi” and “Pathivu” are also opposed to KP. “Sangathi” is controlled by Aathithan in France who also runs the “Paris based “Eelamurasu” newspaper. “Pathivu” is run by Vaageesan who also heads the LTTE in Germany.

The Tamil freelance journalists Navaneedhan alias Ithayachandran and Paraneetharan alias Krishnarajani are also in this cabal.They write for a nmber of Tamil journals and websites.

The executive –director of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) KP Regi  is also against KP. Associated with KP Regi is “Root Ravi” one time head of the LTTE’s economic development organization TEEDOR. Both are in London .


Another anti –KP activist in London is “Paamban Ajith” who was at one time the chief bodyguard of Prabhakaran. Ajith who came to London in 1989 along with Krishnakumar alias Kittu is  married to the sister –in – law of former LTTE stalwart Sornalingam alias Shankar. Ajith has extensive contacts with Tamil Nadu politicians and is responsible for the anti –KP sentiments in those circles.

Then there is Anbuchelvan who heads the worldwide youth outfit known as Tamil Youth Organization or TYO. The TYO has tentacles all over the Diaspora youth population and played a big role in organizing recent demonstrations.

This then is the situation. Despite the agreement reached between KP and Nediyavan to re-structure the LTTE under the former’s leadership the cabal surrounding the latter is still in a rebellious mindset. Even the bona fides of Nediyavan is suspect.

With influential sections of the tiger media, LTTE branches  and youth organizations working against him, the new head of the  faces an arduous task. It remains to be seen as to  how KP  surmounts this challenge. (ENDS)

~ ~D.B.S.Jeyaraj


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