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LTTE Cabal Opposes “KP” as Leader of Restructured Tigers - Dialogue

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LTTE Cabal Opposes “KP” as Leader of Restructured Tigers
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The intelligence wing then expanded its role by promoting direct dialogue between KP and Nediyavan. There commenced a cycle of conference calls between KP and his supporters and Nediyavan and cohorts. The proverbial midnight oil was burnt in many countries as globally dispersed Tiger activists in different time zones  conversed among themselves via telephone and Skype.

Interestingly, what transpired during these discussions was the fact that Nediyavan and most of his coterie  were fully aware that the leader Prabhakaran and his  senior deputies were all dead. This was in contrast to many ordinary supporters who erroneously but genuinely believe Prabhakaran is alive.

In spite of subscribing privately to the truth the anti – KP elements were posturing differently in public. This was due to two reasons.

One was that acknowledgement of Prabhakara’s death would thoroughly demoralize supporters as he  was the solitary sun in the LTTE universe. The  immortality myth around Prabhakaran had to be sustained to promote the struggle.

More practically, the Prabha myth was needed to garner funds from the Diaspora and carry on in a business as usual fashion. For this, the illusion of a continuing armed struggle was necessary.

The Nediyavvan cabal believed that the Diaspora cash cow could be milked only by the mass deception that Prabhakaran was alive and the armed struggle was going on.


According to sources close to KP the international relations head had stated that Prabhakaran had  tasked him with two responsibilities in the last stages.

One was to facilitate the speedy re-settlement of Wanni IDP’s. The other was to facilitate the early release of captured/surrendered cadres and families. KP had played tapes of his final conversation with Prabhakaran to drive these points home.Pathmanathan according to informed sources had said that the best way to fulfil the leader’s wishes would be to say farewell to the armed struggle.

If the LTTE abandoned violence and  democratized itself a strong case could be made out for speedy IDP re-settlement and release of cadres in custody. Also, a non – violent LTTE may able to shed its “terrorist” image and get the ban on Tigers removed in Western Countries.

KP also argued strongly that the death of  Prabhakaran and other senior leaders had to be accepted publicly and due homage paid.

This was the least they could do to honour the memory of their incomparable leader and other commanders who had devoted the greater parts of their lives to the cause and struggle. “We owe it to them. It’s our sacred duty” KP reportedly emphasized. He also  stated that a large amount of funds was necessary only to purchase arms. Since the armed struggle phase had ended massive fund raising was unnecessary. KP pointed out that the legitimate businesses run by the LTTE abroad along with voluntary contributions by hard – core supporters was enough  to continue with the LTTE’s political project.

Quoting Prabhakaran’s speech at Suthumalai on August 5, 1987 where the Tiger supremo said that the nature of the struggle could change while the goal remained constant  , KP urged a change of policy and approach.


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