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LTTE Cabal Opposes “KP” as Leader of Restructured Tigers - Divided

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LTTE Cabal Opposes “KP” as Leader of Restructured Tigers
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Leadership - Page 3
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Against this backdrop of a divided Diaspora , KP began initiating a series of discussions with prominent LTTE supporters abroad. He explained his position and even provided copies of correspondence  with the LTTE leadership.

Audio tapes of conversations were also supplied. As a result KP managed to convert several  to his point of view.

While some loyal old hands ralled around KP , the veteran Tiger  received support from others too.

Earlier the LTTE’s overseas intelligence wing had issued a statement contradicting KP on the question of Prabhakaran being alive. This strengthened KP’s adversaries.

But in a remarkable  reversal the intelligence revised its position and admitted that Prabhakaran was no more. A senior intelligence wing official issued a statement under the name Kathirgamathamby Arivazhaghan  and  cleared KP indirectly.

Arivazhaghan had earlier worked closely with Lt. Col Charles head of  LTTE’s military intelligence division. He is reportedly in a location outside Sri Lanka.

Furthermore the intelligence wing operatives also conducted an opinion survey among Tiger supporters abroad. Most of those interviewed were  vintage loyalists who stood by the LTTE in the early years and not those  who flocked to the Tiger banner in later years.

The majority of those interviewed opined that KP should be the interim leader at this juncture.

Another branch of the LTTE with operatives abroad were the Sea Tigers. Some Sea Tiger representatives involved with “purchasing” are  scattered in various countries. These cadres also threw in their lot with KP.

Thus, the intelligence wing and Sea Tiger cadres supported KP in full force. Gradually several political wing operatives also began spurning Nediyavan and turning towards KP.


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