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LTTE Cabal Opposes “KP” as Leader of Restructured Tigers - Leadership

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LTTE Cabal Opposes “KP” as Leader of Restructured Tigers
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Realistically all that was left of an “active” LTTE was its overseas structure. Thus the overseas chief would in practical terms be the head of a post – Prabhakaran LTTE. When KP tried to don the leadership mantle , Nediyavan  opposed   it. He was supported by an assortment of Diasporic Tigers united in being against KP.The anti – KP sections launched a vicious campaign maligning and vilifying KP.

He was charged of betraying Prabhakaran to the armed forces on the one hand and on the other ,  of hiding the truth that Prabhakaran was alive. KP was accused of being in the pay of various international espionage agencies. A story was also spread that KP had passed information about Tiger “cargo”  vessels to the Lankan navy.

Though KP and his bona fides was well – known to informed circles of an older generation the younger elements of the LTTE abroad and most Diaspora supporters knew very little about him. So it was easy for his opponents to attack KP.

Besides, with the LTTE overseas offices and institutions being controlled by Nediyavan   it was virtually impossible for KP to put his point of view across. Most Tiger media organs blacked out KP while several websites kept on attacking him. KP was even compelled to start his own website and express his opinion.


A major setback for KP was the attitude of Tamil Nadu Tiger supporters like Nedumaran and Vaiko. KP reportedly spent hours on the telephone explaining his position. After seemingly agreeing both went on to criticise KP publicly and take up the stance that Prabhakaran was alive.

KP’s weak point was his hasty announcement on May 18, that Prabhakaran was alive in a safe place. Later he revised his position but KP’s detractors keep on questioning him as to why he made that statement in the first place and why he went back on it subsequently.

Initially, KP’s opponents scored on the Prabhakaran being alive issue. With many supporters unable to accept reality or reconcile themselves to Prabhakaran’s death there was a widespread state of denial.

In that mood KP’s proclamation that Prabhakaran was dead and his declaration of a week of mourning evoked hostile reactions. Anti – KP elements refused to comply with Pathmanathan’s directives.

As a result there has been no public event paying homage to Prabhakaran or senior Tiger leaders so far. This from a movement which makes a fetish out of death and glorifies its departed cadres in a ceremony called Great Heroes day.

The intra – LTTE divisions were clearly brought out in the different opinions expressed. KP and his supporters acknowledge that Prabhakaran and other seniors are no more, commemorate them and move forward. But those opposed to KP refuse to admit the leader is no more.

KP and associates want to transform the LTTE. They make a virtue out of necessity and say there cannot be an armed struggle. They want to pursue the struggle through accepted non – violent and democratic means. Most  anti – KP elements refuse to accept reality and engage in rhetoric about continuing the armed struggle.


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